New York City Cityscape

Out with the Old New York City Scavenger Hunts and In with the New!

Have you become tired of the old get-togethers? Where the generous party host graciously offers an assortment of stale cheese doodles, aged veggies and cheap spirits? Who doesn’t enjoy those awkward conversations that fill the intentional silence? Oh no! It’s time for another rousing game of Charades and you’re not a fan of your teammates… We’ve all been there. Quit subjecting yourself to average party games and plan a unique new york city scavenger hunt today!

Grab your closest pals or perhaps a work group and hunt for irrefutable fun in NYC. If you are unfamiliar with the sights of the Big Apple, a new york city scavenger hunt is the perfect way to familiarize! Or, if you think you know all the ins and outs, learn something new!

The Attractions:  A new york city scavenger hunt is all about being unique

NYC offers its major attractions that never cease to amaze:

  • Times Square

  • Wall Street

  • Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Museum of Modern Art

  • Home of the original capital

  • Miles and miles of architectural genius line the busy streets

The Aspiring Artists

Entertain your ears with the sounds of starving artists on the verge of their big career break. Still not amused? Marvel at the young and talented dancers scattered all over NYC preparing for their career debut as well. Maybe your visit to NYC is to fall in love with one of the many the beautiful faces? May I suggest with a gentleman Louis Vuitton? The Empire state is a perfect foundation for the ultimate adventure your friends and relatives will never forget. Step out of the box and do something extraordinary like planning a new york city scavenger hunt! Host an awesome event and you will be remembered, my friend! NYC offers a plethora of exciting thrills eagerly awaiting company!

cityHUNTing with You, For You.

We all want to be the emcee of the best party ever, right? (Maybe even the best time of someone’s life thus far? Imagine that title! Free bragging rights forever!) Scavenger hunts are great opportunities to show off your creative side. Be as unique, out of the box and creative as you’d like! Hunts are so much fun when they are customized to an individual’s personal preferences and memories. Here at cityHUNT, each event is uniquely designed to fit every client’s personality. Why waste your time with common events, when you can design something all around you? (Picture that! You, the center of attention!) cityHUNT strives to enhance every scavenger hunt experience. Why? Simply put, because you are worth it. Be yourself. Be unique. Explore your creative side.

 Helping Hand    Hands made out of written words one black, one red that are holding

However, searching for answers is not an easy task, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the location in which you are hunting. Fret no further, cityHUNT is to your rescue! Organizing a hunt can be stressful and often tedious, which is why cityHUNT works with you, for you. Alleviate your burdens and stresses by allowing us to help you create an incredible adventure. You can find additional information about how to plan your personalized scavenger hunt by checking out our site at May cityHUNT be with you!

This blog post is brought to you by Rebecca Nathan and cityHUNT