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Are you feeling stressed at work and need to blow off some steam in a fun, mature way? Group events are great ways to familiarize with colleagues, build long-lasting, meaningful relationships, as well as to unite what’s frayed. Group events are also a  good way to interact socially, increase social circle, and escape your comfort zone.

It is time to Set Sail!  Off you go to explore the beautiful sights of the Big Apple… Who better to accompany you than this treasure map blog directing you to mountains of pure unadulterated fun? Avast! Aboard me ship and we’ll set sail to New York City, mate! Aye, it’s time to explore Fun Group Events in NYC!

Your Treasure Map to Exploring Fun Group Events in NYC

Stop One: Shopping Explore-A-Ganza!

Nothing screams F-U-N like delighting your sights as you window shop along one of the most commercial shopping strips in the country! Maybe you decide to appropriately allocate funds on new shoes or perhaps a new suit jacket.


Dip your feet in high-end fashion styles as you glide along West Broadway between Houston and Grand Street, most notably known as SoHo.

Orchard Street

Rebel against the famous designers as you stroll down Orchard street strip. Urban styled clothing practically plunges from the glass; the only obstacle between the mannequin wearing it and your body.

Fifth Avenue

Save energy later on in the day as you migrate over to the grand shopping strip where luxury dances before your eyes. Suddenly those tired legs feel rejuvenated! Explore and browse Fifth Avenue cautiously because those lavish outfits are quite mesmerizing. Your body will thank you when its bundled in famous velour, floral and felt. However, your wallet may not.

Giving your eyes a taste of fabric paradise is easy on both your wallet and soul! Your wallet and your eyes will both thank you later for your courageous act of valor! Lets be honest, we all know fashion is not easily sacrificed!

Stop Two: Taste Bud Wonderland!

Rest your tired legs from your earlier shopping palooza while engulfing your taste buds in the most delightful wines. The next Fun Group Event in NYC is attending a wine tasting! Indulge in wines from several different vineyards. These events are fabulous offer a variety of selections bound to satisfy each individual palette! Meet new friends, discover new wines and snack on delicious hor devours.

It’s hard not to love fun, food and drinks all at once!

Man with thought astral thought bubble over head Stop Three: Ventriloquists, Jewelry, and Imagination!

Are you a fan of theatrics? Enjoy watching artists sing, dance, and perform right before your very eyes in an exquisite atrium? Attending a Broadway Theater show is a great Fun Group Event in NYC Transform your deepest inhibition surrounding theater performances into the time of your life! From uplifting tunes to melodramatic beats, heartbreaks and failures into triumphant resolutions…Broadway offers it all. Dress in your best outfits and attend a performance in NYC!

How Group Events Steer to Successful Directions

All three of these group events are fun, interactive ways to make connections. Group events establish a common ground between individuals who appear to be complete opposites. This familiarity is where fun, friendships, memories are born.

The Final Destination!

X marks the spot and here you are at the end of your fantastic journey throughout NYC. I hope this treasure map accurately navigates you and your group through oodles of fun events. Shiver me timbers, I’m having fun already!

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