Los Angeles has no shortage when it comes to activities to choose from for entertainment. But, what about when it comes to team building? Even more importantly team building activities employees will actually enjoys? Cooking classes, out door activities, and cityHUNT culinary adventures are our recommendations to satisfy the team building needs of Los Angeles.



3 Corporate Team Building Activities Los Angeles Companies Should Try

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are a great team building activity because they combine a few different elements that are conducive to team building.

  • The provide an equal playing field. Everyone has something they can learn about cooking, unless you have a professional chef on your team.
  • They provide a common goal for all to work together towards
  • Everyone has to play a part to contribute to the meal
  • Communication is needed throughout the cooking process
  • It gets the team interacting in a new dynamic
  • There is a reward at the end for their hard work. Their delicious culinary creation!

Outdoor Activity

Spending time outdoors is another activity to be used as a corporate team building activity in Los Angeles. You could go for a walk on the beach, go hiking, or even zip lining depending on your budget and the needs/wants of your team.

Being outside itself has the following benefits:

  • You get a dose of vitamin D which helps to boost your mood
  • If you are near trees or plants, they extra oxygen they provide is good for your brain
  • Typically when outside you are moving around. Moving around can also help to improve your mood and out look

In addition Team building Activities out doors provide:

  • A change of pace from the office
  • A sense of adventure
  • The chance for your team to engage and interact with a new environment

Combining Cooking with An Outdoor Activity

Cook outside? No, that’s not what we meant… Although cooking outside could be fun, food for thought.  Combine a cooking class with an outdoor activity of a scavenger hunt to create a culinary adventure that is sure to tickle the team building taste-buds of even the pickiest of employees.

Culinary adventure can be tricky to plan because you have to combine planning for a company outing to the cooking class as well as planning the scavenger hunt. Rather you have the time and resources to plan it yourself, or you hire an outside company who specializes in that type of event, such as cityHUNT you are sure to experience some of the benefits of a culinary Adventure. (The better planned the event, the more benefits will be had):

  • All the benefits of an outside event
  • All the benefits of a cooking class
  • All the benefits of a traditional scavenger hunt
  • Creating stronger and deeper relationships
  • Encouraging team work and creativity
  • Improving morale
  • Improving communication
  • Teaching team building skills

cityHUNT Culinary adventures provide your team with the opportunity to apply what they have learned from their team building scavenger hunt to their cooking adventure. This opportunity allows for the lessons they have learned throughout the day to be reinforced. Providing your team with a stronger skill set moving forward.