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Corporate Team Building activities Philadelphia companies participate in are ones that challenge their employees to partake in experiences they other wise wouldn’t. Below are two examples of free team building experiences and one that requires a budget. All will help to build a stronger team. What is important to remember is that team building comes in all shapes and sizes.


3 Corporate team building activities philadelphia companies can utilize 

Jedi-Mind Trick

Cost: Free
Group Size: Small – Medium
Preparation: None
Overview: Teammates must communicate via eye contact to achieve the goals of the game

  1. Have all of your teammates stand in a circle with one person in the middle.
  2. Goal of the person in the middle: To switch places with someone in the outer circle
  3. Goal of people in the outer circle: To avoid switching spots with the person in the middle, while switching spots with others in the outer circle
  4. Method for switching places: Make eye contact. WITHOUT talking or additional gestures. Then switch places with the person you made eye contact with


Cost: Free
Group Size: Small- Large
Preparation: Create trivia question list
Overview: You teams will be engaged in a battle of wit and will as they solve tricky trivia questions

  1. Split your team up into groups
  2. Have them come up with a fun team name
  3. Have the teams answer as many of the trivia questions as they can, working together to get the answers
  4. At the end crown the winner!
  5. Alternatives: You can allow smart phones and computers, or you can disallow them
  6. You can make the questions easy, medium or super tough

Scavenger Hunts through Historic Phillyhistory of PHL

Cost: Requires allocation of a budget depending on what you are going for
Group Size: Small-Large
Prep Time: Substantial
Overview: Another favorite corporate team building activity Philadelphia companies enjoy is to scavenger hunt through Historic Philadelphia. This option combines the great benefits from scavenger hunting with the amazing culture of Philadelphia. Allowing teams to work together and experience things in a way like never before.
Directions: cityHUNT’s personal recommendation for this option is to contact us to get a rockin’ historic corporate team building activity in Philadelphia. This way your prep time will be minimal and you can enjoy the benefits of the team building activity with out the stress of planning.