cityHUNT attended the Gamification Summit held in San Francisco this April. As if attending the G- Summit was not enough of an honor, we were able to Partner with G-summit and host a Team Building Scavenger Hunt in Union Square, SF for those attending the summit the night before.  Below is our experience at this amazing Summit!


cityHUNT’s Experience at the Gamification Summit 

What is the Gamification Summit?

This Summit brings together experts in the field of gamification to share their advancement and, creations and ideas in the field of gamification. The focus of the Summit is the use of game mechanics to make the world a better place.

Our Scavenger Hunt at the G-Summit

cityHUNT has held many team building scavenger hunts for conferences in the past. What made our experience at the Gamfication Summit unique was that we were able to attend the conference after the hunt and see the after effects.

  • Our Goals For Conference Scavenger Hunts: 
  • To break the ice
  • To get everyone exploring the city
  • To get people socializing and interacting together
  • To get everyone to have an amazing experience
  • To form social relationships between those who otherwise typically would not experience them

Results From our Scavenger Hunt at the Gamification Summit:

  • The day of the summit we saw people who were on the same teams sitting with each other and socializing
  • Many had made plans to keep in touch
  • The atmosphere of the conference had far less social awkwardness than other conference

One participant to us:

“During the beginning of a conference you are looking for a reason to loosen up and get to know people. The scavenger hunt allowed for this to happen. The day off the conference there was a comfort zone because people from my team would come up to me. If they could come up to me, I could go up to other people. It increase my comfort level and confidence at the conference.” 

cityHUNT’s CEO on the experience

“I was thrilled to see how our scavenger hunt impacted the experience of the conference for those whoparticipated.  Not only did I get to see the chance how our work positively impacted others, but I got to experience what the G-Summit has to offer. Gamification has so many amazing applications.  Did you know that there is a game where the points you earn actually  raise awareness and cause real trees to be planted?

The Gamification summit does a fantastic job getting those who attend interacting with game mechanics to solve problems, so that they can truly experience and understand how gamification can be used to impact the world. It is by far my favorite conference I have gone to in terms of how it is set up.

Thank you for allowing cityHUNT to be a part of your Summit! “


Coming Soon: Be on the lookout for a case study on our experience at the Gamification Summit!