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Tired of doing the same ole’ thing every weekend? Want to get out of the house, and spend time with friends, family and/or meet new people?  Want to learn new things about your city? Then cityHUNT’s public events in Los Angeles are perfect for you! We offer these public hunts (LINK to public) at different times throughout the year in differing neighborhoods. All the information below pertains to our other Public Hunt locations as well.

cityHUNT’S Public Events in Los Angeles


What Exactly is a Public Hunt?

Public hunts are scavenger hunts that are open to anyone. All you have to do is purchase a ticket and we will provide each team with a digital camera. Then send you on a scavenger hunt through the city, lead by a cityHUNT guide. On a Public Hunt you will:

  • Explore your city
  • Solve clues and riddles
  • Take photos (many hilarious)
  • Meet new people and create relationship with them
  • Connect with the city and those around you
  • Have a blast!

Who are Public Events For?

Our public Events in Los Angeles are for any and all people who are willing to come out and share their day with us. Examples of those who have joined us are:

  • hollywood8Individuals who want to get out and see their city like never before and meet new people
  • Groups of friends
  • Families
  • People who can not find a group to host a ‘traditional’ cityHUNT
  • Companies who want to subsidize the cost of their cityHUNT

We need YOU!

Our public hunts won’t be nearly as fun unless we have a bunch of willing adventurers with us! Grab some friends and let’s start planning some spectacular public hunts.

If you are interested in a public hunt e-mail Samantha, with the location that you are interested in.

One of our missions at cityHUNT  is to provide people with an opportunity to form new social relations with others. Public Hunts are the perfect experience to foster this. Although we love doing our Public Event in Los Angeles, we didn’t want to leave out others, so we are now currently offered in neighborhoods throughout:

  • NYC
  • PHL
  • LA
  • Other Areas ( just ask)

For more information on how a public hunt works check out our public hunts page

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter page for an announcement on a public hunt schedule

To join a hunt or request more information e-mail Samantha,

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