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Is your Philadelphia company in need of team building? Look no further. Your solution is: Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt. That’s right, I said Scavenger Hunt in reference to team building. There is no better way to get your team pumped up, and working better together then to get them out and exploring their city! cityHUNT has 12 years of experience creating Rockin’ Philadelphia Hunts, give us a call and see what we can do for you.


How to Create a Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt

Step 1: Identify Goals

In order to have a successful team building event you need to first establish what your goals for the event are. This is done by taking an objective look at your team to determine :

  • What areas does your team need improvement on?
  • What areas is your team the strongest in?
  • Are there any issues that need to be resolved (i.e: Communication etc)?

Once you have identified what needs improvement and what is awesome you can determine goals based on these factors.  Some example goals would be:

  • Improve communication
  • Get people interacting together who normally don’t
  • Improve the social relationships between employees

Next you want to design the tasks in your scavenger hunt around the completion of these goals. This is where you get to be creative. Come up with tasks that get people out of their comfort zone, and require team interaction and problem solving.

Step 2: Select a Location

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During your Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt you want to connect your team to their surroundings. Philadelphia is aunique city, use this to your advantage by picking a location that either:

  • Has a lot of history
  • Has special meaning to your company
  • A majority of your team members have not been to

The location will bring extra flare to your hunt as long as you incorporate it into your scavenger hunt.  Be sure to write in clues and tasks that will lead your team to interesting areas of the location.

Step 3: Combine Your Goals & Location to Create A Scavenger Hunt

Once you have your location and your goals established you have all you need to fulfill your Philadelphia Scavenger Hunts needs!  In creating the hunt you want to make sure you:

  • Have enough tasks to fill the time allotted for the team building activity
  • Have a mix of location based tasks and team building based tasks dependent of your goals
  • Include some tasks purely for entertainment and enjoyment to get your team smiling
  • Make sure you write down the scavenger hunt and instructions so you can distribute to the teams

Step 4: Proper Follow up From the event

How will you know if your event achieved the goals that you wanted? By evaluating the end result of course! Here are a few of our recommendations on event follow up:

  • At the end of the event have a debriefing where everyone can talk about what they learned, what the enjoyed, disliked and share funny stories from the event
  • Have you employees complete a survey about their feelings of topics you feel are of importance to the team building experience, before the event. Have them fill out the same survey after the event, and compare the answers to look for improvements
  • If possible, observe your employees behaviors and interactions after the event, take note of any changes

Follow these steps and you are well on your way to having an amazing Philadelphia Scavenger Hunt event! If you want to be adventurous you could take your team out of your city and have an event in completely new surroundings.  cityHUNT offers scavenger hunts   all over the United States, and internationally.