Central Park
Team building does not have to be boring or cost a lot. It comes in all shapes and sizes, some more effective than others. From our 12 years of experience in creating team building experiences for companies we have discovered the scavenger hunt to be the most effective. cityHUNT offers customized scavenger hunts for all of your team building needs.


Team Building Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Idea #1: Outdoor Team Walk:

Cost: Free
Benefit Level: Low- Medium

Although this is not a scavenger hunt, if you are low on funds, or just want a simple team building exercise, we recommend doing an outdoor activity.  Get your team together and go for a walk/hike in the woods or a park. Make sure to turn off ALL of your cell phones to promote social interactions with each other.  What exactly are the benefits?

  • This type of activity provides your team with unstructured playtime, where they can blow off steam, chat casually and learn to interact with each other outside of an office environment.
  • You’re teams morale should be improved after this activity as physical activity and being outside in fresh air can reduce stress and improve mood
  • Gives the opportunity to have your team laugh and smile together

Idea #2: Scavenger Hunt

Cost: Medium
Benefit Level: Medium – High

We recommend that all teams should go on a team building scavenger hunt. It is in our opinion the superior form of team building. This is because, if done right a team building scavenger hunt will be focused on creating social connections.  You want your team building experience to be based off of social connections because the success of a team is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. You need to get your team in the right frame of mind.  A positive mind set is created through healthy, positive social interactions with co-workers, that build meaningful strong relationships.


  • Stronger interpersonal connections
  • Improved communication
  • Outside the box thinking
  • Learning new skills

Idea #3: Scavenger Hunt Combined with an educational experience

Cost: High
Benefit Level: High-Extreme

Taking a scavenger hunt and adding an educational experience onto it, gives those participating in the scavenger hunt an opportunity to take the skills they have learned from the hunt and apply them practically while they are still fresh in their minds.

When hosting an activity after a team building scavenger hunt it is important to incorporate the tasks of the hunt to tie in with the following activity. You also want to make sure that the group is broken into teams for the secondary activity, allowing them to utilize the new skills they have learned.

We recommend doing a task where the teams need to work together to create something after the hunt. An example would be to have the teams collecting different lego pieces during the scavenger hunt, and then during the secondary activity creating a sculpture.

Our experience in doing a scavenger hunt combined with an educational activity has led us to recommend doing a facilitated workshop after a hunt. We have found  that the pre-event assessment facilitated workshops offer provide a deeper impact, acting as a catalyst for lasting change post event.  Making these events one of our favorites to offer.


  • All of the conventional benefits of a scavenger hunt
  • Practical application of new skills learned on the scavenger
  • Additional opportunity for team building

As always all team building scavenger hunt ideas can be done on your own with the proper planning and time devoted to the success of an event.  If you do not have the time or resources for planning, call in a seasoned professional  to help.