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Scavenger Hunt Boston

Photo compliments of cityHUNT is excited to announce that we are moving to Boston. Well, not our whole company,  we are expanding to include Beantown. That’s right folks, we now Scavenger Hunt Boston! It has been a long awaited expansion into the Boston playing field and we can’t wait to start creating [...]

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4 Reasons for The Gamification of Educational Field Trips

As a rule of thumb cityHUNT works to create any kind of event that our clients request.  We strive to anticipates the needs of our customers, to have created the general structure of many different types of events so we are prepared for the unique requests that get thrown our way. We like to think [...]

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Corporate Culture and Team Building

How is your corporate culture, is it healthy? What are the positives about it, what are the negatives? Did you know that a companies attitudes surrounding communication and employee relationships is a large part of the health of a companies culture? Communication and employee relationships can be one of the toughest aspect of a company. [...]

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