Inc. logoThere have been numerous article written on the value of team building and the importance of what it teaches the employees.  However, there have been few articles (at least that I have come across) that have been written from the view point of someone who actually participated in a team building activity.

Vanessa Merit Nornberg of Inc. Magazine recently wrote an awesome article about her experience doing a team building scavenger hunt with us. Not only did she write about the impact that it had on her employees, but also how her point of view on team building changed after completing the hunt.  Vanessa was a skeptic when it came to seeing the value in team building activities before the hunt.

The experience that Vanessa and her employees had, is exactly the reason cityHUNT is in business.  We take pride in being able to introduce others to the awesome side of team building. Don’t just take our word for it. read Vanessa’s testimonial to the experience in her article: Team Building Activities are Worth it (Really) 

Thank You for sharing your experience with us Vanessa!

For more information about Vanessa and her work check out: In the Trenches