West Village Safari Hunt Tour


DATE: Saturday, May 19th

TIME: 1PM – Registration & Festivities Begin
cityHunt2PM* – Pub  Hunt Begins

COST: $50.00

START LOCATION: Fiddlesticks Pub & Grill

                                     56 Greenwich Avenue

New York, NY 10011


SPECIAL PRIZE: One member of the winning team will win 2 jetBlue Airlines Tickets.Various prizes will be distributed to everyone on the winning team and one member of the winning team, selected at random, will win the 2 free jetBlue tickets. The tickets are subject to these jetBlue terms and conditions.

*No latecomers allowed after 2PM.  No refunds for latecomers or unused tickets. Exchanges are possible if room allows. Phone: 1-877-486-8386 ext. 57


On this Safari-Tour you will adventure through the streets and attractions in NYC in order to solve clues and earn points. You will solve a series of mind-bending riddles, complete an array of humorous tasks and record it all with the digital cameras that we provide. The team that earns the most points is crowned the winner!

There are  drink specials for all cityHUNT participants.  At the end of the hunt, we determine the scores for the entire hunt, and the winning team for the total hunt gets a free pitcher of beer, special cityHUNT honors, and bragging rights!!

Join the fun and…


  • Share an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE with your friends and family
  • Discover amazing new places and fall in love again with NYC
  • Win an amazing prize of two JetBlue ticket vouchers
  • Laugh harder than you have in a long time. Seriously, when was the last time you laughed like this?
  • Meet AWESOME PEOPLE, like yourself
  • Walk away with TONS OF PICTURES and memories that you will have forever
  • Solve riddles, find clues, complete tasks, and outsmart other teams to become the cityHUNT champion!