Imagine a place where innovation and creativity have no limits. Where children and adults are encouraged to satisfy their curiosity by tinkering and experimenting with arts, crafts and technology. A place where these people are free to harness all of the creative juice that digital design, physical computing, fabrication and computer programming have to offer.

Photos from the makery's workshop We don’t have to imagine. This place is real, and it is provided by The Makery; a project of the HTINK cooperative. HTHINK and the Makery is made up of a group of makers and educators who are passionate about the creative power of technology and making. The Makery provides communities with the opportunity to creatively make through their pop-up Marketspace (a movable, temporary digital playground).

A pop-up marketplace will be making an appearance in Brooklyn NY at an art gallery August 13-24th.  During this time the gallery will become the The Makery and host half day, full day and full week workshops and classes for youth ages 8 and up. Students are encouraged to sign up for any combination of classes.  Students of The Makery will have an adaptive experience as interests and capabilities of the students are taken into consideration to find projects that will be personally meaningful for the students to work on. Some topics these classes and workshops will cover include:

  • computer programming
  • electronics
  • video game design
  • 3D design
  • Makerbot 3D printing

So, if you or someone you know is a youth ages 8 and up, come explore and experiment at the Makery in Brooklyn!

More information on this awesome program can be found at