The weather has been such a tease.

Our calendars are booked solid with work work work.

And crap! No office holidays until Memorial Day Weekend?

Jet blue plane at sunset

We need to get away.


Lucky for you, cityHUNT has an app for that…well, we have a solution to your cubicle-stir-crazy-migraine-inducing-agenda.

cityHUNT has JetBlue Round Trip Airline Tickets.

Could San Diego or Nassau, Bahamas or Vegas, maybe even New Orleans far enough of an escape?

Well, JetBlue can get you there. And cityHUNT can get you on JetBlue.

So where would you go if you won our tickets?

A West Palm Beach, beach bar sounds pretty amazing.

Explore the Live Music Capital of the world, as you wonder the streets of Austin, Texas.

Wherever they go, you can go.

But how can you win cityHUNT’s JetBlue tickets to get there?

That’s so easy, it’s just plain silly.

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So where do YOU plan on going after you win?