Harvard Business Review "the real leadership lessons of steve jobs" thumbnail We always thought of ourselves as the Team Building Experts…but now, it’s scientifically proven.

Harvard Business Review recently published a section in their April Magazine dedicated to “The New Science of Building Great Teams,” ¬†and of course, we had to check it out.

Aligned with the key components of their findings, we have reaffirmed the significance of our cityHUNT events in building your best team. (Yes, we are basking in our glory.)

How does cityHUNT contribute to team building & the scientific findings? Our events help your team socialize, outside of their workstations. cityHUNT builds communication skills and energy within your team…both of which are outlined as defining characteristics in successful teams.


Most importantly, you are solving, exploring and having fun together …and as HBR found, this collaboration contributes much more to the success of a team, rather than individual reasoning and talent.

Click to check out this amazing article in Harvard Business Review.