“The tricky part of success is that it doesn’t always lead to fulfillment.”

I started cityHUNT with a friend in college about 11 years ago. We didn’t have a company in mind when we started and we lacked a clear definition of success.

But we did have something…

we had our mind set on having fun.

Our goal was to build scavenger hunts where people could have fun and we made sure that WE had fun helping them during the entire process.

Over the years, cityHUNT became more popular and started to shift from a hobby to a full-fledged company. Without clear goals, and without a definition of success, we found ourselves unfulfilled and stressed, as we strived for “success”. If success was making money, then I guess we were successful… but were we fulfilling the our vision for the company?

We realized that creating fun for people was the reason we had started the company in the first place, and that when we had fun…they had fun! So we decided to live the value of cityHUNT: Have Fun In All That We Do!

Living by our new mantra, we started to have a more defined definition of success, and of course it was based on FUN! Finally, the company started to grow and blossom in wonderful and successfully fulfilling ways.


I believe business is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics. The great news is that mechanics can be learned. I never went to business school but through books and resources I learned the mechanics to run a business.

cityHUNT is driven by FUN and I love it. This fun has taken me around the world and given me the opportunity to provide for my family while sharing fun with thousands of companies. Through fun I have been able to help create the world’s largest team building company and I am eternally grateful for everything it provides, especially the fun…and the success!

If you haven’t already, I challenge you to find your FUN…because therein lies your success!

 Photo of CEO of cityHUNT smiling with "have fun" written on his knuckles