For most of us, a quick escape to New Orleans or even a night filled with beads, drinks and bar food is out of the question this Tuesday.

Our Mardi Gras celebrations have dwindled down to a frozen margarita or nice glass of cab sauv right before you hit the sheets.

Before you start to doubt your unfestive self, cityHUNT is taking a page out of the Irish traditions, that will have you feeling extra FAT this Tuesday.

To remedy any Presidents’ Day Weekend hangover and to keep the celebrations alive throughout the week, cityHUNT challenges you to take part in Shrove Tuesday…or Pancake Day!

According to this tradition, pancakes are associated with the day preceding Lent because they are a way to use up rich food and ingredients, which are normally restricted during the fasting of Lent.

Click here to whip up a great batch of pancakes for you and your family.

If you are looking to start celebrating a little early, join us at our Mardi Gras Pub Hunt and bring the New Orleans spirit to your city! Check out our public scavenger hunt pages for your way to register!