That time of year is here…dun, dun, dun.

Whether you planned a fairytale night last year or sat home with your two favorite men, Ben&Jerry, cityHUNT has got all the goods to make sure you see some action this Valentine’s Day

…woah, not necessarily THAT kind of action.


Take your love to new heights!

The cityHUNT conquered a ropes course on the picturesque Sky Top Lodge a few weeks ago, in addition to our team, we were joined by a pair of 40-year marriage veterans. They climbed, they dangled, they cheered each other on, & as I speeding down the zip line, I couldn’t help but think, “aw, I wish there was someone down there to catch me.” So go explore with the one you love!


Warm up your heart…

…and catch a great tan, sip on a few drinks, party in the sun. Plan a last minute escape surrounded by loved ones, or your party-enthuiast friends! Lately I have been somewhat obsessed with scoping out the deals on and day dreaming about how soon I could be sitting beach side with an umbrella drink in hand. So pack your bags this Valentine’s Day, or make plans for V-Day weekend and GO! Who knows, you may stumble into the next greatest love of your life, whether it be man, woman or city…


Get it on in the kitchen

We know dinner routines can get a little, well, boring. And we all know the luxurious elbow room you have during Valentine’s Day dinner seating… somehow every restaurant seems to offer “community table” seating. So bring the chef to you! Reserve private cooking lessons in your own home. Learn new techniques, taste delicious dishes, and score amazing recipes.

If the only chef you can afford is Chef Boyardee, skip the cans of spaghetti-os and pick up a new cook book or visit a website to scope out some new recipes. Try tasting plates and a great bottle of wine. Oh, and it’s Valentine’s Day, so don’t forget to kiss the Cook!


Whatever your plans may be this Valentine’s day, just make sure you have a fun and fabulous time. No need to order double of the chinese takeout and waste 4 boxes of tissues over the Notebook. But I mean, if that’s what you’re into, then by our guest.