Superbowl XVL Trophy logo Finally, Sunday Funday!

You’ve joined forces with one team, grabbed your gear and started mixing your veggie and onion dips.

But this year, you’ve got a trick up your sleeve… you have cityHUNT to help you throw a “call-out-of-work-Monday” Super Bowl Bash.



The Starting Line Up: VIP Guest List

Just like the stadiums, you should outfit your living room with acceptable boundaries and suites.

Front and center, the well worn-in recliner, YOU, duh.

Center rows following, couches and cushioned desk chairs, your college roommates, best buds and family you wouldn’t mind giving an organ to.

Side seating – although there is a slightly blurred line of sight, your side seating audience feels right in the action, because the surround sound is blasting in their ear drums. Best for the senior ticket holders, fair-weather fans, or guests that brought the extremely delicious dessert.

Standing room only – please defer these seats to the socializing neighbors, the “I’ll help myself to five rounds of the party hoagie” attendees and the “wait, I thought the Ravens & the Eagles were playing this year” crew.


Your Party’s O-Line: Recipes that’ll Protect the Party-Quarterback (YOU!) click item for recipe…

1. You got the Guac, the Salsa – but don’t forget the White Bean Dip!

2. Nope this isn’t the World Series but we’re throwing Sliders into the mix

3. What’s a Super Bowl party without anything drenched in Beer?! Spice Rubbed Beer Can Chicken

4. Sweet Success: Peanut Butter Duds


The Hail Mary – if all else fails:

Impromptu Flag Football match and prove that you’re the one deserving of the┬áPete Rozelle Trophy.

Extra points awarded to the team with the most tackles of passer-bys in opposing team jerseys!

But most importantly, have fun and be safe this Football Holiday.

<3 the cityHUNT team