city harvest logo Around this time of year, we are more grateful than ever for all that we have. Days and nights filled with family and friends, celebrating with drinks, gifts and most importantly, food!

Yet, one of our simplest pleasures, is an enviable gift.

1.5 Million New Yorkers currently live in poverty, choosing between a meal or paying rent every day.

And this is where our modern-day super heroes sweep in. City Harvest helps feed over 300,000 people each week.

By rescuing over 83,000 pounds of food in NYC each day, City Harvest can regularly provide food to nearly 600 community programs. (Insert HUGE round of applause).

City Harvest has been coming to the rescue for over 25 years. The world’s first, and New York City’s only rescue organization, the volunteers of City Harvest are this city’s front line in the battle against hunger in NYC.

Please check out City Harvest’s website, and find out how you can get involved and fight hunger in your city.