Does the first of the frost have you bundled up and rushing indoors? And you can’t seem to shake the chill?

At this time of year, most of us are too busy thawing out that we put a freeze on our creative energies and interact with our coworkers as though their eyeing up the last slice of chocolate truffle cheesecake on Christmas day.

Unstuck poster thumbnail of a shoe lifting up with gum stuck on the bottom Finally, it’s time to get “UNSTUCK” – our friend, Noah Scalin published his book on the 52 Ways to Get & Keep Your Creativity Flowing, and we agree, it’s hit the shelves at a perfect time.

Unstuck features simple projects that will get your creative juices flowing, no matter what funk you’re in. Whether you have free time that runs the span of a commercial break, or off for a winter-vacation, Unstuck has an activity fit just for your lifestyle.

How do we know this is fantastic-amazing-brillant? cityHUNT is featured as an activity to shake up your winter slumber. Check it out!