Hunting with Wiencek + Associates –Foundations for a Greener Future

As always, we want to brag about how awesome our clients are.

Wiencek + Associates are not only Ultimate Adventure champions, recently tackling the streets of Washington D.C., they are championing the architectural world; transforming our neighborhoods and the communities in which we live.

Practicing sustainable design, Wiencek + Associates are creating projects that not only help you live green but live in, work in, & play in beautiful, environmentally conscious buildings.

Our friends at Wiencek + Associates are green experts. With nearly half of their staff being LEED Accredited Professionals, their experience and expertise in sustainable building practices will improve health, save energy and utility costs, as well as maintain a positive, balanced relationship between the natural and social environment.

cityHUNT aims to make change in the world we live… and we proudly applaude Wiencek + Associates for making a difference in people’s lives.

Check out some of their projects!