Cartoon man smiling holding a colorful bubble over his head that says 'gel'

cityHUNT Presents GEL Conference 2011

What is GEL? Not the gooey blue stuff I put in my hair in the morning. GEL stands for “Good Experience Live.” It’s an epic 3-day-long conference where individuals from many disciplines – such as art, business, technology, society, and even life – come together to share experiences, learn from each other, and be awesome together.

Get your smile on…

We here at cityHUNT are fortunate enough to have presented and participated in GEL for the past three years. On the first day of the conference, we hold a hunt in which attendees learned a bit about GEL, a bit about cityHUNT, and really begin to learn a bit about each other to build some fun and meaningful relationships.

Check out this video to see photos of fellow GEL-goers tackling NYC cityHUNT style.