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Bronx Zoo

  Explore the largest Metropolitan zoo in the US while conquering lions, tigers, bearsand even the Bronx River. Unearth the secrets, stories and maybe even the BronxZoo's cobra's favorite hiding place...if you dare enter into the reptile house!   “The Orrick Children’s scavenger hunt received rave reviews from kids and parents.The program design required that [...]

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The MoMa

The MoMaModern art meets modern-day team building in this sophisticated adventure.cityHUNT invites your team to explore the visually stunning Museum of Modern Art in a whole new way.cityHUNT’s number one priority is to keep your team smiling and having a great timethe entire hunt. We will build your team building adventure around your specificgoals and [...]

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Union Square

Union Square The equation for a perfect hunt… cutting edge restaurants, amazing culture, a vibrant park all in one neighborhood…only thing left to add is YOUR TEAM. cityHUNT’s Union Square scavenger hunt will let your team kick back and have fun, while discovering the excitement of this area and building great relationships. cityHUNT’s number one priority [...]

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The Da Vinci Hunt at The MET

The Da Vinci Hunt at The MET You have just reached the American Embassy, you are in grave danger…and thus begins one of the most exciting adventures of your life. On the streets of NYC your group must use your skills to decipher riddles, break codes and unlock clues in order to retrieve a hidden message from [...]

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Bryant Park

Bryant Park Truly the fashion epicenter of the city, this district is home to Fashion Week, along with New York City Library, and where many park visitors to enjoy events or just lounging in the sun. Take your team to an impressive NYC area where they can stumble upon stories and clues that unlock the [...]

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