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One Mission – Warby Parker & cityHUNT

Introduction to awesome: With the launch of our newly rediscovered newsletters, we figured we’d spill the beans and let you in on some pretty fantastic clients we’ve recently worked with. Although we’re all for gloating, this time around its about spreading the word on some great companies and organizations that you should check out.

Who: Warby Parker.

What: “eye-wear with a purpose.”

Awesome? Undoubtedly. Warby Parker is remarkable. Not only are they serving their customers with affordable eyeglasses (each pair is only $95) but they are also serving their community. For each pair of eyeglasses purchased, the company donates one pair to those in need.

The bonus? The glasses are super cute and très chic. If you’re bored during your lunch break, go online and you can do a virtual try-on.

Say Cheese!


Are your eyes hurting yet? Listen and watch as we chat with Zac and Kaki about Warby Parker’s mission and their cityHUNT experience.