The Da Vinci Hunt at The MET

You have just reached the American Embassy, you are in grave danger…and

thus begins one of the most exciting adventures of your life.

On the streets of NYC your group must use your skills to decipher riddles,
break codes and unlock clues in order to retrieve a hidden message from
Leonardo Da Vinci for uncovering the secret of the Holy Grail. Be apart of this
exciting, heart-racing, fun team building activity.

cityHUNT’s number one priority is to keep your team smiling and having a great time the entire hunt. We will build your team building adventure around
your specific goals and company culture to ensure that your experience is as powerful as it is memorable!

“Everything went very well, the producer was very accommodating to any and all last-
minute changes we needed. They were also great at getting everybody excited for
the hunt.”
“I have worked with you guys a few times, and had a good experience each time,
have definitely recommended you all and will continue to do so!”

Maeve Taylor

Capital One

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