Bryant Park

Truly the fashion epicenter of the city, this district is home to Fashion Week, along

with New York City Library, and where many park visitors to enjoy events or just

lounging in the sun. Take your team to an impressive NYC area where they can

stumble upon stories and clues that unlock the secrets of this district.

cityHUNT’s number one priority is to keep your team smiling and having a great time the entire hunt. We will build your team building adventure around your specific goals and company culture to ensure that your experience is as powerful as it is memorable!

“cityHUNT did an amazing job planning the Pepsi Scavenger Hunt. It was quite apparent that a flood

of blood, sweat and tears were shed to make this an incredible event. The hunt was intellectually

challenging, physically stimulating, and emotionally thrilling. Great job.”

Sonia Jain

Marketing Analyst, Innovation

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