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Company Spotlight: Warby Parker

Our clients are the finest folks in the world. We think you guys should meet. One Mission - Warby Parker & cityHUNT Introduction to awesome: With the launch of our newly rediscovered newsletters, we figured we’d spill the beans and let you in on some pretty fantastic clients we’ve recently worked with. Although we’re all [...]

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Wall Street

Come swim with the sharks and be a part of the action in this all-out Ultimate Wall Street Adventure. Explore the historic Wall Street district of lower Manhattan and uncover historic and financial secrets of the past and maybe some tips for the future. City Hunt will customize a three hour team building adventure followed [...]

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Central Park

Central Park Our Central park scavenger hunt will have your team solving a series of clues, unearthing the secrets of this historic landmark. Although you will not cover the entire 843 acres of Central Park, cityHUNT will lead your team though interesting locations in the southern half of the park, taking photos and solving clues [...]

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Times Square

When envisioning NYC, a picture of Times Square, Broadway, bright lights and zooming taxis comes to mind. Now picture your team scouring the Midtown streets, taking pictures with strangers, sharing laughs and solving clues to be crowned the Ultimate cityHUNT NYC scavenger hunt winners.  "Excellent team experience with pictures that are really great to look back on.  A [...]

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West Village

West Village Whether visiting the city or a NYC native, a West Village scavenger hunt will haveyour team see this neighborhood in a whole new way. Winding streets and secret locations, cityHUNT will help your team unearth the wackyhistory of the West Village and find some new favorite places! cityHUNT’s number one priority is to keep your team smiling and [...]

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Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station The hustle and bustle of travelers and commuters alike, stirs up excitement in one ofmost popular NYC scavenger hunts. The beauty in the Grand Central Station’sarchitecture and the vibrant personalities that fill the station will have your teamhunting with a careful eye uncovering hidden stories, and having a fun time. Allaboard this NYC [...]

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