Flat Iron

This often unexplored neighborhood on it’s own, has a history and unknown stories

that we encourage hunting down! The floating aroma of this districts restaurants will

have your teams hungry…for hunting!


cityHUNT’s number one priority is to keep your team smiling and having a great time

the entire hunt. We will build your team building adventure around your specific

goals and company culture to ensure that your experience is as powerful as it is



“The producer worked with us on adjusting the teams on last minute basis and it was

seamless. We used you twice in one month – booked you for our 2nd stay in

Manhattan as soon as the first one was over because we were so impressed –

if/when we get back to NYC you’d be the first we would call to help us put together

the same event if the same type of group, or another event if a different type of

group AND the participants all loved it.


Cheri S.

General Electric

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